Purpose of This Document

To purpose of this policy is to provide best practice information for providing ‘in person’ treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The document will be reviewed and updated in light of any Government requirements, regulatory guidance or business changes.


The objective is to reduce the risk of the Psychologist or patient contracting Coronavirus during face to face therapeutic appointments.


In person appointments will be completed in accordance with any Government guidance. Dr Farquharson will adhere to the latest guidance from the British Psychological Society when arranging and conducting these face to face appointments.


Pre Appointment

  • The Psychologist will ensure a COVID-19 risk assessment of the working environment has been completed, and any appropriate measures have been implemented to minimise the risk of infection. A copy of the risk assessment can be made available upon request.
  • Measures will be taken to maintain social distancing within waiting areas including restricting the number of persons within the area and asking people to wait outside.
  • Dr Farquharson will contact patients prior to treatment and discuss the method of i.e. face to face or video-based treatment and confirm the agreed method.
  • Patients will be informally screened prior to attending their face to face initial assessment and/or appointment and advised of the public health risks. The screening will include reference to COVID-19 symptoms and risk of exposure. If the patient has any COVID-19 symptoms or is deemed at risk of having COVID-19, the Psychologist will inform the patient not to attend the appointment and notify their General Practitioner.
  • Where ‘in person’ treatment has been instructed but the Psychologist is of the clinical opinion that face to face treatment should not proceed, then the instructor/referrer will be informed.
  • The Psychologist will advise the patient of any PPE requirements and what to do upon arrival at the venue.
  • Dr Farquharson will advise the patient that unless they need assistance, they should attend the appointment unaccompanied to minimise occupancy within the venue.

At the appointment

  • Dr Farquharson will ensure social distancing can be adhered to in accordance with current Government guidance. This is to include all areas of the venue such as the treatment room and any waiting areas.
  • Appropriate PPE will be worn by both Psychologist, and Patient, (mask or face covering), during appointments, and these will be made available at the consulting rooms.
  • Hand-washing facilities and/or hand sanitiser will be made available at the venue
  • Hand sanitiser will be used frequently and at least prior/post every appointment.
  • The Psychologist will remind the patient to use the hand washing facilities/hand sanitiser before and after every appointment.
  • Regular cleaning of the treatment room, equipment and waiting areas will be carried out.


  • Obtaining the patients consent to ‘in person’ appointment and informing them of the risk will be recorded within the treatment notes and reports.
  • Should the patient withdraw consent for face to face appointments, the Psychologist will inform the instructor/referrer where necessary.